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Учебно-Методический портал



Оксана Полонская
Тип материала: Урок
просмотров: 2990 комментариев: 3
Краткое описание
Развитие навыков говорения (диалогическая/монологическая речь) и аудирования, социокультурных  компетенций и творческих навыков учащихся, воспитание и формирование уважительного отношения к  семье, семейным традициям и ценностям граждан России и изучаемого языка.

Дистанционное обучение педагогов по ФГОС по низким ценам

Вебинары, курсы повышения квалификации, профессиональная переподготовка и профессиональное обучение. Низкие цены. Более 18600 образовательных программ. Диплом госудаственного образца для курсов, переподготовки и профобучения. Сертификат за участие в вебинарах. Бесплатные вебинары. Лицензия.

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Individual Self-evaluation

Did I do my job? (+/-)

Did I share my ideas? (+/-)

Did I listen when others were talking? (+/-)

Did I help others in my group? (+/-)

What can I do to help our group next time we meet? ……………………………………………………………………………



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Menu Cake

Place of living for new –weds and its advantages

Bride and bridegroom’s family peculiarities

Family traditions in Russia and Great Britain

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Russia and Great Britain

Secrets of a happy family


Bridegroom’s Image



Bride’s image


Place of Ceremony

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Урок - сватовство по теме: «Семья и семейные традиции в соизучаемых странах».

Урок разработан для учащихся 11 классов Полонской Оксаной Петровной, учителем английского языка, I квалификационной категории, г.Ноябрьск Тюменской обл. ЯНАО


1. Развитие навыков говорения (диалогическая/монологическая речь) и аудирования;

2. Развитие социокультурных компетенций и творческих навыков учащихся;

3. Воспитание и формирование уважительного отношения к семье, семейным традициям и ценностям граждан России и изучаемого языка.

Оснащение урока:

  1. Вокабуляр по теме «Courtship, marriage, family»;

  2. Вокабуляр «Social formulas: agreement/ disagreement»;

  3. Интернет – ресурсы;

  4. Бейджи, бутафория для учащихся;

  5. Раздаточный материал для работы в группах;

  6. Фотоаппарат, камера, компьютер, интерактивная доска.

Ход урока:

Lesson Stages

Tasks and instructions

Teacher’s actions



Interaction patterns




1. Good morning everybody. My name is Ann. I’m a specialist of wedding agency. I’m glad to meet you at the courtship of English bride Irene and Russian bridegroom Simon. They would like to plan their wedding beforehand that’s why they invite their nearest and dearest to help them.


2.Warming up

Introduce your family and friends


2.Give associations with the word family

2. Irene, will you introduce your guests, please. And now Simon it’s your turn to do it.

3. Soon Irene and Simon will have their own family. Will you tell us what is a family for you? Which associations do you have? But remember, you shouldn’t repeat the same words. Let’s start with the eldest members of the family.

4. So ,a lot of associations and most of them are pleasant ones. Thank you. I think your answers underline the importance of a family for people of different nationalities and from different families.

I/S greet guests

Name associations


In chain

Oral award



III. Presentation and giving the tasks

IV. Practice

3.Give characteristics of an ideal husband/ wife

Teacher name the ?-s and divide them into groups

5. An ideal husband and wife is an important part of a happy family. And what features of character should they poses, I/S?

6. And now let’s help Irene and Simon prepare for the 1st step of their family life – their wedding. They told me they would like their wedding to combine modern tendencies and traditions of their countries and families.

So, the questions we have to discuss today are: Budget, date , guests, place of ceremony ,invitations, bride’s image , cars ,bridegrooms image, restaurant, family traditions in Russia and Great Britain, menu, advantages and disadvantages of living in Russia and Great Britain, bride and bridegrooms family peculiarities, place of living for new-weds and its advantages, secrets of a happy family.

Irene and Simon, offer to divide them among our guests and some of them they have already discussed. Irene and Simon will you take your quest ions? I’ll give the others for groups.

For bride’s friends:1. the best text for invitation cards 2. bride’s image 3.bridegroom’s buttonhole decorations

For bridegroom’s friends:1.the best wedding transport 2.restaurant 3. Bridegroom’s suit

For uncles and aunts -1.tell about the main family traditions

For godmother –choose dishes for our wedding menu

For parents : -1. mothers should warn their future son and daughter in low about their family peculiarities. 2. fathers should discuss the best place of living for new-weds.

All groups have only 5 minutes. While our guests are working, we shall have a talk with I/S. So, will you tell us some words about your meeting. Did you fall in love with each other at 1st sight?Is it a marriage for love or for convenience? etc.

*And now let`s discus ?-s from your list

-What is your wedding budget?

-How many guests are you going to have?

We`ve got some ?-s cleard. Now we continue our work with bride’s friends. I/S, join your friends, please and be ready to choose the best variant for you.

*Let`s start with the texts for wedding cards. Are you satisfied with them? What`s the best?

*We can`t imagine any wedding without beautiful bride and handsome bridegroom. I/S`s best maid has done a lot of preperations. Let`s watch the result of her work.

*And what about bridegroom`s suit?

Speaking about cars, we have got some variants too. Boys, you have also to discuss what restraint it will be.

*As for our relatives, they expect you I/S to remember and follow the most typical family traditions. Welcome Russian representatives.

*And what about British ones?

*Thanks for your help It`s very user full information for I/S. They say, traditional cuisine is the mirror of the nation. Simon`s godmother has prepared an example of wedding menu. Look it through and discuss it, please.

*Settled. Will mothers tell their future son and daughter-in law about the main peculiarities of their families? Maybe to warn about something and make their life easier.

*Fathers, it`s your turn to discuss and help to choose the best place for I/S.

*So, I/S has decided to live in St. Petersburg. I think they gave a lot of arguments for it.



Present the speech

Make the dialogues, argue and find the compromise

Read 3 variants of wedding cards

Show the photos comment and them

Show the photos,comment and discuss



Show the photos,comment and discuss



Monologues/dialoguers/find a compromise


In pairs

In groups

In groups

In groups


In groups

In pairs

In pairs

In pairs

In pairs

Put marks in the list

Put marks in the list

Put marks in the list

Put marks in the list




V. Post-speech

And we have a surprise for I/S. Irene`s British granny and Simon`s Russian granpa would like to like to tell them some words.

Listen video letters

Interaction with guests


VI. Conclusion

*Well, you see, we`ve done a good gob todether. We`ve decided a lot of questions. As for your marks…

* H/T is to interview your parents about your family traditions.

*And now please analise our work and express it in papers which you`ve got.


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Proverbs and Saying

  1. A good name is better than riches. Доброе имя лучше богатства.

  2. As like as two peas in a pod. Как две капли воды.

  3. Blood is thicker than water. Кровь гуще воды.

  4. He that has no children knows not what is love. У кого нет детей, тот не знает, что такое любовь.

  5. Love in a cottage. Любовь в шалаше.

  6. Love me, love my dog. Любишь меня, люби и мою собаку.

  7. Marriages are made in heaven. Браки заключаются на небесах.

  8. Marriage goes by contrast. Противоположности сходятся.

  9. Out of sight, out of mind. Глаз долой, из сердца вон.

  10. They are hand and glove. Два сапога-пара.

  11. To be up to ears in love. Быть по уши влюбленным.

  12. To wash one’s dirty linen on public. Выносить сор из избы.

  13. Too many cooks spoil the broth. У семи нянек дитя без глаза.

приглашения на свадьбу.doc Скачать
  1. Dear _______________________________

We are pleased to announce that on 14th October will be the wedding ceremony of two loving hearts.

We invite you to share this exciting event in the restaurant «…»

Irene and Semen

2 Dear __________________________________

Your presence at our wedding will be for us a wonderful gift on this important day!

  We look forward to seeing you on 14th October 2012 in the restaurant «…»

Irene and Semen

3 Dear __________________________________

Let us invite you to the most important celebration in our lives.

  We want to celebrate our wedding on October 14, 2012 and it will be very pleasant if you could share our joy.

  This ceremony will take place in the restaurant «…»

Irene and Semen

4 Dear … and …!

We are glad to share with you our marriage.

  Save this envelope and this important event for us, and we will keep your warm words and wishes in our hearts.

  Waiting for you October 14 2012

Irene and Semen

5 We are pleased to share with you our great joy!

  14th October will be the most significant event for us!

  We are very pleased to invite you to share unforgettable moments of our happiness!

  Your presence will adorn our holiday!

Irene and Semen

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Обсуждение материала
Сергей Колодин
27.01.2013 14:53
Уважаемая Оксана Петровна!

Предложенную Вами великолепную разработку необходимо привести в соответствие с критериями Требований к публикации материалов в библиотеке Портала. Так, на титульном листе конспекта урока должны быть указаны:

* фамилия, имя, отчество автора;
* место проживания (город, поселок), область, край, регион;
* название учебного заведения;
* дисциплина;
* учебник, по которому ведется обучение;
* тема (для материалов типа «Урок», «Мероприятие», «Обобщение опыта» (при необходимости));
* класс (курс);
* продолжительность урока;
* использование информационных технологий;
* логотип Портала.

На титульном листе презентации, сопровождающей занятие, должны быть размещены Ваши данные и логотип Портала, а на последнем её слайде - список ссылок на использованную графику.
Урок лучше снабдить пояснительной запиской с перечислением всего того  материала, который к нему прилагается.
Также прошу Вас проверить конспект занятия на наличие орфографических ошибок и ошибок форматирования текста (отсутствие пробелов между знаками препинания и словами).

Заранее Вам благодарен.

С уважением, С.А. Колодин.
Иликбаева Ульяна
20.02.2013 07:33
Данная разработка заслуживает особого внимания и благодарности наших коллег-иностранцев, она соответсвует всем тебованием, предъявляемым к современному уроку. Более того презентация к уроку - это собственный видео и фотоматериал учащихся, что, по моему мнению, делает данную разработку особенно ценной. Мне понравилась форма урока, его лингвистическое содержание и методические находки учителя.:)
Тузова Ольга
20.02.2013 07:42
Великолепная разработка урока, с удовольствием смогу применить на своих уроках основные идеии. По моему такой урок надолго запомниться ученикам и еще раз подчеркнет ценность и важность семьи для современной молодежи. Автору разработки желаю торческих успехов!!!
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