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Oliver Twist receives his guests ( В гостях у Оливера Твиста)

Oliver Twist receives his guests ( В гостях у Оливера Твиста)

Оксана Касьмина
Тип материала: Мероприятие
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Краткое описание
Цели мероприятия:
- знакомство с классикой британской литературы;
- совершенствование   лексико-грамматических навыков обучающихся;
- развитие коммуникативных навыков обучающихся;
- воспитание любви к чтению классических произведений литературы

Дистанционное обучение педагогов по ФГОС по низким ценам

Вебинары, курсы повышения квалификации, профессиональная переподготовка и профессиональное обучение. Низкие цены. Более 17300 образовательных программ. Диплом госудаственного образца для курсов, переподготовки и профобучения. Сертификат за участие в вебинарах. Бесплатные вебинары. Лицензия.

Oliver Twist receives his guests ( В гостях у Оливера Твиста ).docx Скачать

Фамилия Имя Отчество: Касьмина Оксана Ивановна

Место проживания: Тамбовская область, город Жердевка, ул. Парковая, д. 23, кв.1 (393671)

Название учебного заведения: ТОГБОУ СПО « Жердевский колледж сахарной промышленности»

Дисциплина: Английский язык

Учебник: Монахов С.В., Приключения Оливера Твиста, Москва, Айрис Пресс, 2011

Тема: «Oliver Twist receives his guests” ( В гостях у Оливера Твиста)

Курс: 1

Продолжительность мероприятия: 50 минут

Пояснительная записка

Методическая разработка внеклассного мероприятия на тему : « Oliver Twist receives his guests» ( В гостях у Оливера Твиста) предназначен для обучающихся 1 курсов средних специальных учебных заведений. Это - учебно-познавательная игра с элементами инсценировки, содержащая несколько лексико-грамматических заданий по роману Чарльза Диккенса : « Приключения Оливера Твиста». Игра посвящена 175-летию со дня выхода романа в свет.

Цели мероприятия:

- знакомство с классикой британской литературы;

- совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков обучающихся;

- развитие коммуникативных навыков обучающихся;

- воспитание любви к чтению классических произведений литературы

План проведения мероприятия

  1. Вступительное слово «Оливера Твиста» ( ведущего мероприятия).

  2. Представление членов жюри.

  3. «Фронтальный опрос от Оливера» ( вопросы по содержанию романа).

  4. Инсценировка отрывка из романа ( диалог Оливера и Мистера Браунлоу).

  5. Задание № 1 « Цитаты из « Оливера Твиста».

  6. Задание № 2 « Артикли».

  7. Задание № 3 « Времена английского глагола».

  8. Задание № 4 « Предлоги».

  9. Интересные факты о писателе Чарльзе Диккенсе.

  10. Подведение итогов игры.

  11. Заключительное слово « Оливера Твиста»

Сценарий учебно-познавательной игры.


-- знакомство с классикой британской литературы;

- совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков обучающихся;

- развитие коммуникативных навыков обучающихся;

- воспитание любви к чтению классических произведений литературы 

«Оливер»: Hello, my friends! I hope you have recognized me! Yes, you are not mistaken. I am Oliver Twist, one of the world- known book characters, created by Charles Dickens. Well, you see, both people and books have their birthdays. This year we are going to celebrate the 175th anniversary of my favourite novel “ The Adventures of Oliver Twist”. To begin with, I would like to check whether you have already read this book or not. So, my dears, be ready to answer my questions!

( « Оливер» задает вопросы по содержанию романа)

The first question: What was the reason of sending me to the coffin maker bureau?

( Possible answer: The life in the workhouse was full of misery. You and your companions were always hungry. One day you, Oliver, were so desperate with hunger that you came up to the master, your bowl and spoon in hand, and said:” Please, sir. I want some more.”)

The second question: One day I got into a fight with Mr. Sowerberry’s senior apprentice. After that I decided to seek for my fortune in London. What’s happened to me in London?

( The possible answer: You met there a boy whose name was Jack Dawkins but among Jack’s friends he was better known as the Artful Dodger. You suspected that one, who had such a name , hardly could be an honest person. However, you were very thankful to the boy for the nice food. More than that, you did not know anybody in London and you did not have any place to sleep, so you went with this Artful Dodger.)

The third question: What kind of person was Fagin?

(The possible answer: Fagin, a very old villainous –looking man, wanted you to become a pickpocket. At first you thought Fagin must be a miser because he lived in a dirty poor place but with so many valuable things. It turned out he was in charge of the thieves’ lair.)

The fourth question: What was Monks’s aim?

( The possible answer: As it turned out Monks was your stepbrother who tried to disinherit you!)

The fifth question: Who helped me much?

(The possible answer: Nancy helped you very much. It was Nancy who warned you of Fagin and Sikes’s plan to kill you.)

The sixth question: What happened to Monks?

(The possible answer: Monks had to resign all hope about the inheritance , he moved to America where he died in one of the prisons.)

«Оливер»: Well, my dear friends, I like the way you answered my questions. And now I know that all of you have read the novel. By the way, my Literature Father , Charles Dickens , was stage -struck. My benefactor, Mr. Brownlow, and I are going to show you a small scene from the chapter “ Oliver’s stay at Mr. Brownlow. Oliver goes out on an errand”.

( Появляется еще один студент, который исполняет роль Мистера Браунлоу. Разыгрывается сценка.)

Mr. Brownlow: There are a good many books, are there not, my boy?

Oliver: A great number, Sir! I never saw so many.

Mr. Brownlow: You shall read them , if you behave well and you will like that. Would you like to grow up a clever man, and write books, eh ?

Oliver: I think, I would rather read them , Sir!

Mr. Brownlow: What? Wouldn’t you like to be a book-writer?

Oliver: I think it would be a much better thing to be a bookseller!

( Mr. Brownlow laughs heartily)

Mr. Brownlow: Well, well, don’t be afraid! We won’t make an author of you, while there’s an honest trade to be learnt! Now, I want you to pay great attention , my boy, to what I am going to say. I am sure you are well able to understand me, as many older persons would be.

Oliver: Oh, don’t tell you are going to send me away, Sir, pray! Don’t turn me out of doors to wander in the streets again! Let me stay here, and be a servant. Don’t send me back to the wretched place I came from. Have mercy upon a poor boy, Sir!

Mr. Brownlow: My dear child, you need not be afraid of my deserting you , unless you give me cause.

Oliver: I never, never will, Sir!

Mr.Brownlow: I hope not. I do not think you ever will. I have been deceived before, by people who were dear to me, but I trust you, nevertheless. The persons, whom I loved, lie deep in their graves; but although the happiness and delight of my life lie buried there too, I have not made a coffin of my heart. Let me hear your story, where you came from; who brought you up; and how you got into the company in which I found you. Speak the truth, and you shall not be friendless while I am alive.

( Конец инсценировки.)

Оливер: Good advice from Mr. Brownlow: “ Don’t make a coffin of your hearts!” Now I would like to make two teams. I think the first team will be called “ Ladies” and the second one- “ Gentlemen”. Well, this novel has become so famous that people began to use some sentences from the book like quotations! The first task is called: “ Quotations from Oliver

( Команды получают задание совместить английские цитаты из романа с их русскими эквивалентами)

Task 1. “ Quotations from Oliver”

  1. I have decided that if my world can’t be yours, I will make your world mine!”

  2. Every man is a friend for himself. And such a good friend is nowhere to be found”.

  3. Where friendship is wrecked, hatred forces its way!”

  4. There are the books , the most valuable things of which are back and cover.”

  5. All painters always draw ladies more beautiful than in reality , otherwise, they wouldn’t have any clients.”

  6. We are actors in life, but not the passive spectators, that’s the most essential difference.”

Русские эквиваленты английских цитат:

  1. “Живописцы всегда рисуют леди красивее, чем они есть на самом деле, иначе у них не было бы заказчиков.»

  2. « Я решил, что если мой мир не может быть вашим, я сделаю ваш мир моим!»

  3. « В жизни мы – актеры, а не пассивные зрители, в этом –то и заключается существенная разница.»

  4. « Каждый человек сам себе друг. И такого хорошего друга нигде не найти.»

  5. « Там, где терпит неудачу дружба, часто пробивает себе путь ненависть.»

  6. « Бывают такие книги, у которых самое лучшее – корешок и обложка.»

( The key: 1- 2; 2- 4; 3- 5; 4- 6; 5-1; 6-3)

Оливер: Charles Dickens used to be a good pupil at school. Well, it’s time to check your knowledge of English Grammar! All of these tasks are taken from the novel chapters!

Task 2. “ Articles”

Fill in articles: a, an, the, -:

  1. -----boy decided that, whether he could die or not, he would make ------ effort to run upstairs from------- hall, and alarm------- family.

  2. ------- kitchen was------- old low – roofed room.

  3. Oliver could eat nothing but ----- small crust of bread which they made him swallow.

  4. Sikes pointed to ------- street-door with ----- pistol- barrel.

  5. Oliver drew ------stool towards ------fire.

  6. Mr. Losberne ran to ------- house and ------ began kicking at ------- door like ------madam.

  7. I am ------ass ! “ said ------- doctor.

  8. Then Oliver prepared ------ his lesson for ------ next day.

( The key: 1- the, an, the, the; 2- the, an; 3- a; 4- the, the; 5-a, the; 6- the, the, a; 7- an, the; 8- --, the)

Task 3. Put the verbs , given in brackets in the right tense form:

  1. It ( be) evening when Mr. William Sikes ( awake) from a nap in a badly- furnished apartment.

  2. Fagin ( give) her the money and they ( part) without more conversation.

  3. The girl, who ( sit) at the table with her arms (fold) ( be) in no way interested in the arrival.

  4. I (eat) my head if he (be) not a bad boy!” ( growl) Mr. Grimwing, without ( move) a muscle of his face.

  5. The boy ( discharge). (clear) the office!” (say) the magistrate.

  6. ( see ) you anything?” ( cry) the doctor.

( The key: 1- was, awoke; 2- gave, parted; 3- was sitting, folded, was; 4- will eat, is, growled, moving; 5- is discharged, clear, said; 6- do….see, cried)

Task 4. Fill in prepositions ( at( 2 ); of (2); out ; in (6); with (5); by; on; before; near; from; to):

  1. It was evening when a coach stopped ------ the door ------Mr. Brownlow’ house.

  2. Mr. Grimwig went ----- and returned -------a moment, pushing ------- Mrs.Bumble and her husband.

  3. There were benches -------- high backs to them -------- the fire.

  4. When he awoke, the table was covered ------- tea-things.

  5. Mr.Bumble arrived ------- London --------business.

  6. You may keep the books, if you are fond ------ reading.

  7. I hope you are not angry -------me, sir?” said Oliver.

  8. They stopped -------- length ------ a neat house, -------- a quite shady street ------- Pentonville.

  9. -------- three days’ time Oliver was able to sit ------- an easy-chair, well propped up ------pillows.

  10. Oliver looked ------- one ------ the other ------- the greatest surprise.

( The key: 1- at, of; 2-out, in, in; 3- with, by; 4-with; 5- in,on; 6- of; 7- with; 8-at, before, in, near;9- in, in, with; 10- from, to with)

Пока команды выполняют задания « Оливер» продолжает рассказ о Чарльзе Диккенсе.

«Оливер»: Dear friends! I want to tell you some interesting facts about Charles Dickens.

  1. One crater on Mercury was called “ Dickens” in honour of Charles Dickens

  2. A special stamp was issued to the 150th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ s birthday in the USSR in 1962.

  3. The portrait of Ch. Dickens was placed on the English banknote of the value of ten pounds in 1993-2000.

  4. You can visit the house-museum of Charles Dickens in London.

  5. On the 9th of June 2013 the monument to Dickens was opened on the main square of the city Portsmouth where the writer was born.

By the way , there was a real boy Bob Fagin by name. Charles and Bob made friends while they were working at the black factory. Bob always stood up for little Charles, looked after him if Charles was unwell. Later this name “ Fagin” was used by Dickens for one of the characters from the novel.

Moreover, my Literature Father was a very witty man. And I would like to remind you some of his quotations. It seems to me, you should follow them in your real life!

  • No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

  • Subdue your appetites , my dears, and you’ll conquer human nature.

  • Once a gentleman, and always a gentleman .

  • We need never be ashamed for our tears!

( Жюри подводит итоги, оценивает выполненные задания, поздравляет команду- победительницу)

« Оливер»: My friends! The novel “ The adventures of Oliver Twist” is the second Dickens’s novel published in October 1838 and the first novel in English literature where a child has become a main character! Enjoy Dickens’s books! Our English Club welcomes you!

Литература, используемая при подготовке к мероприятию:

Монахов С. В. Приключения Оливера Твиста – Москва:» Айрис Пресс», 2011

Интернет- ресурсы: http://www wikipedia. org

www homeenglish.ru


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Сергей Колодин
31.10.2013 19:43
Хорошее мероприятие по роману классика английской литературы. Сейчас особенно актуальна работа, направленная на повышение интереса учащихся к литературе, воспитание любви к чтению.
Оксана Касьмина
1.11.2013 19:07
Рада,что Вы одобрили мою работу, спасибо!
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