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ABC holiday

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Сценарий праздника подготовлен

учителем английского языка

МОУ гимназии №15

Акопян Э.И.

Сценарий праздника “ABC holiday”

Цель праздника: подведение итогов за полугодие; повышение уровня мотивации к дальнейшему овладению иностранным языком.

Оборудование: Картинки с буквами алфавита, костюмы для инсценировок, записи песен.

Ход праздника:

Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls! Welcome to our ABC holiday! There are a lot of us! Oh! I can hear the music!

Звучит отрывок пени “ABC song

It’s the alphabet Song. By the way, how many letters are there in the English Alphabet?

Children: There are 26 letters

Teacher: Now our pupils from the 2nd form will recite the poems about the letter A and her friends.

Pupil 1: Aa

А is for alarm-clock 
That rings every day: 
“Good morning, Good morning, 
It’s time to play!” 
Pupil 2: B,b
B is for bear, 
My old toy friend. 
He sits on my chair 
And sleeps in my bed! 
Pupil 3: C,c
C is for cow 
Who is grazing now 
In the grass-green silk, 
Mrs. Cow, give me milk! 
Pupil 4: D,d
One, two, three, four, 
D is for dinosaur, 
He lives in the box 
With the bear and the fox. 
Pupil 5: E,e
One, two, three, 
This is E, 

E is for England, 
Sail and see

Teacher: Well, well, well I wish I could check how well you know the English words and sounds!

Ученики, желающие принять участие в соревновании, образуют 2-3 команды по 3 человека. Команды становятся на расстоянии 15 шагов от учителя. Учитель поочередно называют командам звуки английского языка, а члены команды называют слова с этими звуками. Если ученики правильно подобрали слова к определённому звуку, то команда делают шаг вперёд, если ошиблись, то они остаются на месте. Выигрывает та команда, которая быстрее подошла к учителю.

Teacher: Oh! I can see the other letters!

Pupil 1: F,f
F is for fish, 
Swimming in the sea. 
I wish for a goldfish 
To come back to me! 

Pupil 2: G,g
G is for giraffe 
With the neck so long 
To listen in the sky 
For a merry birdsong! 
Pupil 3: H,h
H is for hedgehog 
Who runs in the wood 
Carrying on his needles 
Mushrooms and fruits, 
One, two, 
One apple is for you. 

Pupil 4: I,i
I is for an island 
As green as my cap. 
I is for an island, 
Find it on the map! 

Pupil 5: J,j
J is for jam, 
Look at me, please! 
I eat jam with ham, 
With bread and with cheese! 
One, two, Give me too! 

Teacher: Ok! I’ve heard that there are some pupils who want to sing a song for us!

Дети исполняют песню “Red cherries

Стихотворение “The colors”

Red, red, red, touch your head.

Blue, blue, blue, tie your shoe.

Brown, brown, brown, touch the ground.

White, white, white I have got a kite.

Black, black, black, touch your back.

Purple, purple, purple, draw a circle.

Pink, pink, pink, give a wink.

Gray, gray, gray, shout hurray!

Teacher: The letters are coming back!

Pupil 1: K,k
K is for kitten 
With white-white fir, 
So soft and little Singing:

Pupil 2: L,l
L is for lamb 
With a silver bell, 
The bell is ringing so well, 
What a merry bell! 
It’s a silver song. 
Pupil 3: M,m
M is for mouse 
Who lives in a house, 
One, two, three, four, 
Her house is under the floor! 
Pupil 4: N,n
N is for night, 
When the stars are bright, 
We switch off the light 
And say “Good night”! 

Pupil 5: O,o
O is for orange 
A tasty round ball, 
Pass it to my basket – 
Play basketball. 

Teacher: It’s time to play!

Ученики делятся на две команды по три человека. Ведущий в течение нескольких секунд демонстрирует написанный на листе бумаги алфавит с какими-нибудь пропущенными буквами. Выигрывает та команда, ребята которой быстрее нашли пропущенные буквы.

Teacher: Dear children and our guests our pupils from the 3d form have a present for you!

Звучит песня “Monkey”

Драматизация сказки “The house in the wood”

Действующие лица:

Лягушка-a frog, мышка- a mouse, петушок-a cock, , волк-a wolf, лиса- a fox, медведь- a bear.

На сцену “выпрыгивает” лягушка

A frog:

How it is fine to walk..Yes to walk , yes to walk
I am a little, little frog
I am a frog I am a frog (
видит теремок, подходит)
It is a nice little house. Who lives in the house? (
Open the door please (
никто не открывает, лягушка заходит в домик)

Идёт мышка, собирает зёрна в ладошку

A mouse:

It is a nice little house. Who lives in the house? 
I am a little mouse.

A frog: I am a frog and who are you?

A mouse: I am a mouse let me live in your house

A frog: Come in, please!

(на сцене появляется петух, видит теремок )

A cock: It is a nice little house. Who lives in the house?

A frog, a mouse:

I am a frog .
I am a mouse. And who are you?

A cock:

I am a cock.
I am a little boy
I want some joy. Let me live in you house.

A frog, a mouse:

Come in, please. ( дети исполняют песню “ Hello”)

Hello, hello, hello
I am a frog, I am a cock, I am a mouse
We like to live in our house

(на сцене появляется заяц)

A hare: What can I see? Who lives in the house?


I am a little mouse
I am a frog, who likes to walk 
I am a cock and who are you?

A hare: I am a hare I like to play. Let me in your house stay.

Children: Come in, please.

A frog: Now it is high time to cook, what shall we cook?

A mouse: I think soup

(под музыку готовят суп и поют песенку)

I can jump and I can fly
I can run and I can try
To cook a very tasty soup

(на сцене появляется волк)

A wolf:

I am a wolf I like to move (танцует рэп, подходит к терему, стучится)
Who lives in the house?


I am a mouse, 
I am a frog,
I am a hare,
I am a cock. And who are you?

A wolf: I am a hungry wolf. I want some soup

Children: Come in, please.

(на сцене появляется лиса, танцует)

A fox:

Such a fine little house.
I am a fox I have a box. Open the door, please

Children: Come in little foxy. Let us play. You may in the house stay.

(под музыку появляется медведь, видит терем, стучится)

A bear:

Who is there in the house?
I am a bear Clouse.
Let me come into your house.

Children: Oh no, bear Clouse. You are too big for our house.

(медведь пытается влезть в домик через окно, но у него ничего не получается и уходит со сцены)

A bear: but I want to stay with you (плачет)

Children: So let’s built a new big house!

Звучит песня “The more we are together”

Teacher: Oh, we forgot about our letters!

Pupil 1: P,p
P is for my pet, 
My pet is a cat. 
Her name is Pussy 
And she’s afraid of the rat! 
Pupil 2: Q,q
Q is for Queen 
Whom I’ve never seen, 
She is like a star 
So high and far! 
Pupil 3: R,r
R is for rainbow 
After the rain, 
A wonderful bridge 
To the fairy tale, 
Count to seven 
And rise to the heaven! 

Pupil 4: S,s
S is for star 
That shines so bright, 
We call it the Sun 
And live in its light! 

Pupil 5: T,t
T is for train, 
Let’s travel again. 
I like to play 
With a toy railway! 

Pupil 6:U,u
U is for uniform 
Of the Queen’s quard 
So brave and stately 
Marching in the yard! 
Pupil 7:V,v
V is for violet, 
A flower of spring, 
When the days get longer 
And the birds sing! 
Pupil 8:W,w
W is for whale 
Who has a mighty tail, 
He swims like a mountain 
And makes a fountain! 
Pupil 9:X,x
X is for Xmas, 
What a happy day! 
I’ve got a lot of presents 
And games to play! 
Pupil 10:Y,y
Y is for yacht 
Under full sail 
When the wind’s strong 
And the seagulls hail! 
Pupil 11:Z,z
Z is for zebra 
Black and white 
White is for daylight, 
Black is for night!

Teacher: There are some good actors in our school. Let’s greet our pupils from the 4th form with a tale “Turnip”

Драматизация сказкиTHE TURNIP”

An Author
A Grandfather
A Grandmother
A Granddaughter
A Dog, named Zhuchka
A Cat
A Mouse 

Garden, further a house, a shaft, trees, flowers and bushes. 

AN AUTHOR: Once upon a time somewhere about there lived the grandfather and the grandmother.
The grandfather was a very good gardener he liked to spend a lot of time looking after his plants. In springtime he planted a turnip, a cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, grew dill and spring onion and many other vegetables. But the turnip was his favourite. The grandfather even used to sing songs for it. 
A GRANDFATHER: We had planted a little seed,
We took out all the weed.
So it grows and grows fast
And will bring the rich crop at last. 

AN AUTHOR: The turnip was growing bigger and bigger with the grandfather's songs and there came time to take it out. 

A GRANDFATHER: Came the happy, happy time
Taking out crops of mine.
Pooling, pooling my turnip
Can’t just do it - it's too big!
I should call grandmother for help. Grandma, grandma come and help me to pool the turnip out. 

A GRANDMOTHER: I am coming, I'll help you with your crops with the greatest pleasure, grandpa. 

AN AUTHOR: The grandmother holding on to the grandfather, the grandfather holding on to the turnip and they are both pooling hard, but can't pool the turnip out. 

A GRANDMOTHER: You know, grandpa, we wouldn’t be able to take the turnip out by ourselves. It’s too deep in the ground. Lets call our granddaughter to help us. 

A GRANDFATHER: It’s a very bright idea. Call our granddaughter to help us. 

A GRANDMOTHER: Granddaughter, granddaughter come to help us to pool the turnip out. 

A GRANDDAUGHTER: I am coming, why didn’t you call me earlier? I bet you are tired already. 

AN AUTHOR: The granddaughter holding on to the grandmother, the grandmother holding on to the grandfather, the grandfather holding on to the turnip and they all are pooling hard, but can’t pool the turnip out. 

A GRANDDAUGHTER: I think we need more help. This turnip doesn’t want to get out easily. Let’s call Zhuchka to help us. Zhuchka, Zhuchka come to help us to pool the turnip out.

ZHUCHKA: Woof, woof I am in a hurry to come. Where is that stubborn turnip? We will quickly pool it out all together. 

AN AUTHOR: Zhuchka holding on to the granddaughter, the granddaughter holding on to the grandmother, the grandmother holding on to the grandfather, the grandfather holding on to the turnip and they all are pooling hard, but can’t pool the turnip out. 

ZHUCHKA: It’s not so easy as I thought it would be. Let’s call the cat to help us. Kitty, kitty come down to help us to pool the turnip out. 

A CAT: I am coming. Prrrrr, prrrrr we will pool the turnip out easily. 

AN AUTHOR: The cat holding on to Zhuchka, Zhuchka holding on to the granddaughter, the granddaughter holding on to the grandmother, the grandmother holding on to the grandfather, the grandfather holding on to the turnip and they all are pooling hard, but can’t pool the turnip out. 

A CAT: I believe we need help. Let’s call the mouse. Mouse, mouse, little paws, come and help us to pool the turnip out. 

A MOUSE: I am happy to help, especially when all the family is working together. 

AN AUTHOR: The mouse holding on to the cat, the cat holding on to Zhuchka, Zhuchka holding on to the granddaughter, the granddaughter holding on to the grandmother, the grandmother holding on to the grandfather, the grandfather holding on to the turnip and they all are pooling hard and singing together.
All are singing: We are working very hard,
Pooling the turnip out of the mud,
All together we are so strong
We are singing a happy song.

AN AUTHOR: And they pooled the turnip out! All of them were glad that the turnip was finally out. The grandma cooked the turnip and gave everybody a piece of a sweet and tasty turnip. When the mouse ate her piece of turnip she said. 

A MOUSE: It was so lovely. 

AN AUTHOR: The mouse licked her nose. 

A MOUSE: If you need my help next time, please don’t hesitate and call me again. I like the turnip so much. 

Teacher: Dear children, our holiday is coming to the end. Thank you very much for taking part in it and I would like to close this party with a song devoted to our mothers!

Звучит песня “Mummy”

Teacher: It’s time to say bye-bye! See you soon and good luck!

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