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Урок по теме "Weekends"

Урок по теме "Weekends"

Элина Акопян
Тип материала: Урок
просмотров: 6738
Краткое описание
Цель: Отработка грамматических навыков по временным категориям Present Simple\Present continuous в контексте темы «Выходные»

Дистанционное обучение педагогов по ФГОС по низким ценам

Вебинары, курсы повышения квалификации, профессиональная переподготовка и профессиональное обучение. Низкие цены. Более 15700 образовательных программ. Диплом госудаственного образца для курсов, переподготовки и профобучения. Сертификат за участие в вебинарах. Бесплатные вебинары. Лицензия.

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Урок по теме: Weekends ( по УМК Spotlight 5 класс)

Акопян Элина Игоревна

г. Волгоград-62

ул.Сарафанова 1 д

учитель английского языка

МОУ гимназии №15


Тема: Weekends

Цель: Отработка грамматических навыков по временным категориям Present Simple\Present continuous в контексте темы «Выходные»



активизировать употребление лексико-грамматического материала по теме «Выходные»;

совершенствовать коммуникативной компетенции по всем видам речевой деятельности;

2. Развивающая: развить речевые умения учащихся, внимание, память,

умение работать в парах и группах;

3.Воспитательная: прививать интерес к культуре страны изучаемого языка, воспитывать взаимоуважение и чувство ответственности.

Тип урока: комбинированный

Оборудование: Рисунки, таблички со словами, раздаточный материал, компьютерное оснащение (презентация), видео-, аудиоматериал.

  1. Орг. момент

T: Good morning, boys and girls. I’m glad to meet you. I see your shining eyes and the smile on your face. I hope you’re fine. My name is Elina Igorevna. Tell, me please:

  • What day is it today?

  • What date is it today? 

– What is your favourite day of a week?

2. Речевая разминка

Look at the screen, you can see a lot of words there. Let’s read them out loud and translate. Now, please, tell what are we going to talk today? What is the theme of out lesson?

Sunday, sleep, Saturday, Call friends, have a rest, travel, holiday, watch TV , walk (слова выведены на слайд презентации)

Cl: Wekends

T: Well done. You are right

3. Фонетическая разминка

T: And before we start our travelling around the world of weekends let’s do a warmming-up task. You will get some cards with words, please, in pairs match the words that rhyme.Then stick them to the blackboard. I would like you to do it one by one



























Now, please, let’s read these rhymes.

4. Введение нового лексического материала

It was a srtong, severe storm yesterday that’s way all the phrases on the blackboard were divided into two parts. Match the words to form phrases.

Write an e-mail

Plant flowers

Play with a friend

Make phone calls

Work in the garden

Read the newspaper

Now, please, let’s read them all together.

5. Отработка лексико-грамматического материала

T: You can see some pictures on the blackboard. Answer my question, please, what are the people in the pictures doing?

The girl is writing an e-mail

The lady is making a phone call

He is planting flowers/working in the garden.

They are washing the dog.

She is playing with a friend.

She is drinking coffee.

6. Физкультминутка
Your head is a ball. Roll your ball.
Hop on the right (left) foot.
Raise your hands.
Hands down.
Bend right (left).
Jump however you want.
You are in the forest. Pick up flowers and berries.
You can see the high mountain. Can you climb it?
7. Отработка навыков аудирования

Listen to the short dialogues twice and tick the correct answer

  1. Where is Dave?

  1. he is doing his homework

  2. he’s out

  3. he’s having lunch

2.What time Does Fiona usually get up in the morning

a) at 7 b) at 7:30 c) at 10

8. Отработка навыков говорения

Now , please open your books at page 80 ex 4

Which of the activities in the pictures do you\your family do at home at the weekend? Use adverbs USUALLY, ALWAYS, OFTEN

9. Отработка навыков письма

Now please, you are going to work in pairs. Watch the interview of Rachel Handson with Mr. Robinsin. He will tell us about the way he and his wife spend their weekend. You are to choose the right answer and complete the chart

But before we start I’d like you revise some words that can be unfamiliar for you.

Wife- жена

Exercise class – физкультура, спортивные занятия

Go out – выйти прогуляться

Go sailing- кататься на яхте (заниматься парусным спортом)


Mr. Robinson

His wife

a)Watches television

b)Visits her friends

c) Cooks dinner


Stays at home



Goes to exercise class


a)Goes sailing

b)Goes out in the evening (friends, cinema, restaurant)

c) Reads books



Goes out in the evening (friends, cinema, restaurant)


Goes sailing


a)Goes for a walk

b) Works in the garden



Cooks a big Sunday lunch


Goes for a walk

10. Отработка навыков чтения с использованием технологии jigsaw

Please, divide into two groups.Read the texts, answer the questions and make up the title for the texts of each other

Text 1

Hi, my name is Alice. I’m from Canada. I want to tell you about my weekend.

I go to school five days a week, so I have two days off — Saturday and Sunday. At the weekend I don’t like to wake up early. I get up at 9:30. We have late breakfast at 10. Usually we have something tasty: meat salad, fried potatoes, chicken, cake or pie. 

Text 2

Hello, my name is Bill. I live in England. Well, I will tell you about my weekends. I study 6 days a week, that’s way I have only one day off. It’s on Sunday. This day I get up at nine or ten o'clock. I do my bed, wash myself and go to the kitchen. I always had something tasty on Sunday: bacon and eggs, bread with jam or my favorite apple pie.

After breakfast, if the weather is sunny, I go to see my friends. We often play volleyball or basket-ball in the yard.  If the weather isn’t good, I prefer to be in watching TV, listening to music, reading books, speaking over the phone or just lying on the sofa. I don’t like to spend all the weekend watching TV. It's much more interesting to play a game of chess with your grandfather, or help your mother about the house, or work in the garden or garage with your father. 
In the evening, when all the family are together, we have some tea with a cake or biscuits, we listen to my younger sister playing the piano, sometimes we sing songs. I like Sundays very much


1 Who is telling us about the weekends?

2. How many days at the weekend has she\he got?

3. When does she\he get up?

4. What does she\he have for breakfast?

5. What does she\he when the weather is fine?

6. What does she\he do when the weather isn’t good?

9. Рефлексия

Now I know…

Now I can…

10. Home task. Запись домашнего задания


T: The lesson is over. Thank you and have a nice day

Резервное задание




Ваулина, Ю. Е Spotlight 5. Teacher's Book. Английский в фокусе. 5 класс. Книга для учителя.

Гальскова Н.Д. Современная методика обучения иностранным языкам. - М: 2003

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Evans, V Spotlight 5. Учебник для 5-х классов

Evans, V Spotlight 5. Рабочая тетрадь к учебнику для 5-х классов

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